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Introduction Services

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Color Services


All-Over Color or Roots/ Melting Roots

All-Over Color or melting roots for human hair pieces.
Wash & style included.


Melting Roots & Soft Dimensions  

Adding roots some gorgeous dimensions to your piece with highlights or lowlights, toner.
Wash and style included.


Balayage / Foliage 

Balayage / Foliage creates a natural and beautiful dimension for your piece.Wash & style included.


Color Correction

Nathalie is a color correction specialist for 36 yrs and and loves the challenge to bring your pieces back to life! Are they looking brassy & lifeless? She can correct it. Please keep in mind that some pieces are pre colored with textile dye so before we color transform, each piece is tested.



All-Over toner/glazing to neutralize brassiness. Toning includes a deep conditioning 

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Wash, Style & Repair Services


Synthetic Wash & Style

Includes a wash and sanitization with high quality products. Restore the fibers and even change the style of you want to!!! Classic or HD fibers can be reshaped with our technique. Ask us more about it!


Human Hair Wash & Style

Includes a wash with high quality products, a blow dry and a style of your choice. All pieces will be reconstructed with a mask spa style using products meant for alternative human hair. Your hair will look feel and smell Amazing!!


Frizz Repair & Reconstruct

Frizz Repair & Reconstruct services revitalize your piece and make it look brand new. Shampoo, deep condition and renewal allows the hair fibers to soften and de-frizz so that you can continue wearing the piece you love.

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Cut & Trimming Services


This service is so important to me to personalize your beautiful piece!! You can request layers, fringe, thinning and more! We love transforming your wigs and toppers to bring back your confidence and feel like YOU again. We can always discuss ideas for a fresh new look too...for your new pieces or the ones hidden in the closet waiting for a new look!

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Alteration Services


Some pieces have unnatural looking knots and bleaching the knots is a perfect solution.
It is important to keep the integrity of the piece and cap design so first we do a testing to ensure we can accomplish this service.

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